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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


Agr1aOnce again ELEPAP through its innovative activities finds itself in the forefront of developments in the disability sector, placing science and technology at the service of children and their families.
On Friday 27 April, we tried out the specially designed suit for reducing spasticity, to improve functionality and to enhance the range of movement. The mollii suit is an electrotherapy device that facilitates selective and localised electrical stimulation of muscles in order to activate mutual inhibition. During the mutual inhibition the agonist muscle is deactivated through the activation of the agonist muscle resulting in an alleviation of spasticity.   Two of the ELEPAP children and a young third-year student, who had participated in our programmes for many years, tried the electrical stimulation suit and talked about their experience.  Initially, the mobility of the children was recorded. Then each child’s suit was programmed according to their individual needs. A computer programme modulated the output of the active electrodes and the current intensity in order to activate the desired muscle groups. The current was applied for one (1) hour approximately and then the mobility of the children was assessed again. The entire procedure was monitored by Mr. Dimitrios  Pasparakis, Children’s Orthopedic Surgeon- Director of Children’s orthopedics of the Medical Centre of Athens, former Director of the 2nd Orthopedic Clinic at the “Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital, who has provided his services as a volunteer to the Agrinio Branch, alongside our centre’s scientific director, Physiatrist Konstantinos Zavras.  Dr. Pasparakis together with Dr. Zaras and the physical therapists of department assessed the children in both phases and recorded the results of the application.