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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


For the 3rd year running ELEPAP and the Onassis Foundation came together at Agrinio, for this workshop featuring creativity, music and imagination. In the first two years, the children of ELEPAP were offered the opportunity to participate in a Special Education workshop of the Onassis Foundation “Music loves Autism”. But this time around, ELEPAP’s premises in Agrinio did not only fill with music, but also painting.
On 20, 21 and 22 April 2018, we staged the musical – painting workshop “Come Paint and Play Music” giving children and parents the opportunity to experiment with colours and musical instruments, producing drawings and musical melodies! In a safe environment through team play and guidance by specialized therapists, children developed linguistic, auditory and fine motor skills. Music games were alternated with art activities.  What colour does rhythm have, what is the shape of a melody? Each child drew their answer on paper reflecting concepts and shapes. At the same time, parents had the opportunity to participate in activities as supporters and to work alongside their children.
All these activities took place in a fun and fulfilling environment for the children and their parents alike, as they discovered new innovative and creative ways to communicate. At the same time as the musical-art workshop, an experiential workshop was held for professional educators, which was very well attended: