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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


ELEPAP Thessaloniki organised a workshop entitled “The role of multidisciplinary evaluation in designing curricula for children with developmental difficulties” at ELEPAP premises on Thursday March 29, 2018. Maria Tzouriadou, Professor Emeritus in Special Education – Learning Difficulties at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was the speaker. Difficulties in learning at school comprise a characteristic comorbidity in pupils with motor disabilities. These may be related to the root cause of the disability, as well as the restrictions this places on school learning. 

It is often taken for granted that these pupils will face learning difficulties or intellectual disability. This results in them not being treated appropriately, either due to a lack of knowledge with respect to the difficulties or because interventions are limited to rehabilitation. Questions that arise as a result of the aetiology of motor disability are whether the brain damage involved causes some form of learning difficulty and how this can be diagnosed. Many people posit that children may simultaneously have dyslexia or that they may also have special learning difficulties attributed to the function of speech due to dysarthria. In these cases interdisciplinary evaluation is key in addressing these issues not solely on a cognitive level, but also on a psychosocial level. Specific cases were considered and questions addressed from the standpoint of various disciplines and their synergy with the aim of making a distinction between specific learning difficulties and difficulties in learning and the role of rehabilitation and educational intervention. We would like to thank Professor Maria Tzouriadou for the extremely interesting presentation.