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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


Vol-1An event was organized by ELEPAP Volos, to mark the 80 years of ELEPAP Athens and the 20 years of ELEPAP Volos, at the Park Hotel on Monday, April 30, 2018.
Dr. George Giannoussis, Psychologist-psychotherapist, Family therapy specialist discussed the Mother-daughter relationship.
He said that “the mother-daughter relationship is complicated but it is also important. It is a relationship that can define the life the daughter as a person and as a woman, it can create her female identity”.
“This is a relationship with multiple equilibria, a power relation, often a competitive one and one of anger and affection. It has some characteristics of friendship but they are not friends and they are not equal. A daughter always needs a mother and a mother needs the presence of her daughter” he said.
Mrs. Peppy Papandreou, the President of ELEPAP Volos, said that 2018 marked the 80th anniversary of ELEPAP Athens and the 20th anniversary of its Volos Branch.
She also pointed out that “ELEPAP Volos is able to care for 60-70 children every year with others who come for shorter periods during the year”, the finances being limited and “as a result, we take great care to cater for our needs with tight management”.
“We thank our friends and supporters who show us love and trust. At this point we can expect a little from many. In the past people would help more”.