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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


ELEPAP is constantly searching for sponsors to fund its operations dealing with the day-to-day support of babies, toddlers, pre-school and high school children, through individualised therapeutic and educational programs.

Everyone can show their love for a child with disability and help it to progress through life by assisting in any of the following ways:

“Corporate Sponsorships”
“Event Sponsorships”
“Donations in support of ELEPAP’s work”
“Donations in the Memory of”
“Subscriptions of Devotion”
“Financial Adoption of a child”
“Donation for Happiness”

ELEPAP is sending out a call for support to all with its motto
“Just a little is required from many, help us by also introducing us to your friends”,

ELEPAP is in need, now more than ever, in need of the support and love of its dedicated friends, benefactors, sponsors and donors, in order to continue its vital work of supporting children with disability.

The greatest part of ELEPAP’s work is funded (at a percentage of 52% by the generous donations and invaluable sponsorships from socially sensitive individuals and companies, through organizing fundraising events, members’ subscriptions and inheritances.
A large number of EPEPAP’s most vital rehabilitation programs are supported with the generosity of our sponsors.

We thank them all!