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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


Sport Activities can play a key role in the lives and communities of people with disabilities, the same as it can for people without a disability. The Physical activity and sport participation result in improved functional status and quality of life.
A great many sporting activities that can be used for rehabilitation and recreation have become possible for disabled people. Adapted sport is increasingly being used as treatment complementing the conventional methods of physiotherapy. Participating in adapted sports and games gives an individual the opportunity to become physically fit, develop hobbies, become more active, learn leisure time skills, and undergo positive social and group experiences.
Τhe following adapted sporting activities are included in the program of the department of Remedial Physical Education of ELEPAP.


Boccia is a traditional recreational sport. In 1984 it became a Paralympic sport. It was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy but now includes athletes with other severe disabilities affecting motor skills. Boccia originated in Greece. Originally, big stones were used to throw at a stone target. Boccia is derived from the Latin word for ball – bottia. Boccia is governed by the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA).

Boccia can be played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three and all events are mixed gender. The aim of the game is to throw leather balls – coloured red or blue (what each side gets is determined by a coin toss) - as close as they can to a white target ball, or jack.

Bowling is one of the most popular indoor sports for the handicapped because it can be enjoyed by almost everyone, regardless of the extent of physical disability. The sport is a lifetime sport with great therapeutic potential. It requires poise, balance, accuracy, synchronization of movements of the upper and lower parts of the body. It can be an interesting way to develop body awareness: to strengthen muscles in the arms, legs, and trunk and to improve coordination and body control.


Wheelchair basketball is considered one of the major disabled sports practiced. Wheelchair basketball sees tremendous competition and interest on the international level and is included in the Paralympic Games.               

Wheelchair basketball, based on the sport of basketball, introduces some adaptations to reflect the use of the wheelchair in the game, and to harmonize the different levels of disabilities players have. Wheelchair basketball is played by boys and girls and helps develop coordination as the disabled person has to propel the wheelchair and learn to pass, catch, and intercept the ball.