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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


pb090013_resize_2Music therapy is part of ELEPAP’s  holistic approach  to intervention in order to make the most of children’s  full potential. Music therapy helps children to express their emotions and provides them with opportunities for relaxation and stress relief. It promotes children’s mental balance and ensures the development of imaginary thinking and the growth of communication skills.
The department of music therapy provides the following services:

* Individual sessions of music listening, improvisation and musical play, where children assume the double role of listener and creative artist.

* Group sessions where children cultivate their sense of  "belonging" to a group, understand the meaning of communication, increase their self esteem and become aware of themselves as physical and social entities.

* Theatrical and musical improvisation games (according to the Orff system) in co-operation with the department of early therapeutic and educative intervention.  

* Interdepartmental cooperation to assure a specific, individualized intervention program for each particular child.

*Combining means of artistic expression, where musical activities coexist with other types of aesthetic creativity (painting, collage or clay. )
This program is implemented in cooperation with the Social Services’ department).