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Rehabilitation for The Disabled



Physiotherapy Intervention is designed to develop and improve children’s mobility and function, to promote their functional independence and to increase their participation and social interaction.

Experienced, fully-qualified, specialized pediatric physiotherapists collaborate with the families and all medical, educational and therapeutic departments to support the children in reaching their maximum potential.

Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques, incorporating fun and innovative activities (e.g., Wii)in treatment, in order to enhance motor function, to promote quality and efficacy of motor performance and to prevent impairment.

Treatment  focuses on optimizing the child’s:
•    muscle tone
•    balance and coordination
•    gross motor and functional skills
•    strength
•    flexibility
•    breathing function
•    endurance and fitness

Treatment includes inspecting, adjusting and teaching safe use of walking aids, assistive equipment ( e.g., standing frames and adapted sitting ) and orthoses.

The Intervention approaches applied are:_resize
•    NDT Bobath
•    NDT Baby
•    Vojta
•    PNF
•    Sensory Integration
•    Electrotherapy

Physiotherapy Evaluation is an integral part of the intervention and consists of a dynamic process involving daily observation and examinations, composition of assessment reports, administration of special tests and measures (e.g.,Gross Motor Function Measure GMFM, Gross Motor Performance Measure GMPM) and videotape sessions for all children at appointed time intervals.
Physiotherapy Evaluation helps to identify impairments and functional limitations, to establish the plan of treatment and to monitor the progress of each child.

Each child is regarded in a holistic way, with respect to his/ her personality and understanding of his/ her problems; therefore, treatment is individualized and designed to meet the unique needs of each child and family.

Physiotherapists provide support and instructions to every child’s family, educating the parents / caregivers on handling techniques, positioning and ways of interaction with the child, ensuring the safe integration of therapeutic goals in everyday life.
The holistic physiotherapy services provided at ELEPAP, help our children enhance their independence and their physical and emotional well-being and prepare them for an improved quality of life in adolescence and adulthood.