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Rehabilitation for The Disabled


ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center was established in March 2001.
elepap4•    The opening ceremony of ELEPAP's Gait & Motion Analysis Center was performed by the ex President of Democracy Mr. Konstaninos Stefanopoulos in May 2001. The sponsors of the Centre were Ioannis and Olga Koutalidis.

•    The function of the Center was based on the close collaboration with the Children's Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou. The protocols and procedures of the Gait Laboratory were based on the kind help and collaboration of the Gait Analysis Centre in Nuffield Orthopaedics Hospital in Oxford.  

•    The Center offers services following the guidelines of the European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children (ESMAC). All members of staff are members of ESMAC since 2002.

elepap6•    The ELEPAP Gait & Motion Analysis Center is participating in research projects since 2004 by contacting measurements in collaboration with researchers of Greek Hospitals and Universities in Motion and Gait Analysis.

•    ELEPAP Gait & Motion Analysis Center organized the Annual Scientific Conference of ESMAC in 2007. A part of the Conference the event included the Gait Analysis Courses and Seminars that are used to educate the specialized stuff in the latest developments.

elepap5•    In 2008 and 2009, members of the Center conducted training seminars in Gait Analysis in the Scientific Society of Physiotherapy and the Symposium of Children Orthopaedics Society.

•    In 2009, the equipment of the laboratory was upgraded after the sponsopship of George and Eva Adam with the latest version of Vicon Motion Analysis System.