Our vision is for every child with a disability, wherever he lives in Greece, to have the care he needs. In this way, he will be able to reach his full potential, have a place in society, have a job, personal life, friends, a partner, be able to have fun and live independently.

In addition, it is important for us to help our children who have grown up, and need us as adults, to learn to rely on their own strength. Like all adults with disabilities.


Our mission is to provide every child and family with lifelong support, from infancy to adulthood. Our goal is to help these Brave Children take small or big steps forward, "Steps of Life."

  1. By providing children with access to appropriate rehabilitation programs regardless of their economic, social, or religious background.
  2. Implementing targeted actions to provide adults with disabilities:
  • independent and secure living
  • education
  • professional training and rehabilitation  Artεμείς


  • Respect
  • Family
  • Care
  • Equality
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Dignity
  • Independence-Autonomy
  • Love
  • Selflessness
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation