Physiotherapy plays a major role in infant and child rehabilitation.

The goal of physiotherapy is to improve the infant’s or child’s ability to move and function in the best possible manner. We intervene by trying to change the child’s positions and movements. By changing the muscle tone, we help the child adopt natural movements.

Our infant/child may for example experience:

  • Spasticity: in which case we try to relax the muscle tone through special manipulations and various aids.
  • Hypotonia: whereupon we try to increase the muscle tone

The development of every child is monitored through a physiotherapy assessment and video-recordings are made of all cases on a regular basis.

The child is treated with respect and understanding. A personalized physiotherapy plan is developed that takes into account the child’s needs and goals.


  • Increases participation, motor development and function
  • Improves strength and resilience
  • Promotes learning opportunities
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Promotes the child’s independence


The majority of ELEPAP’s infants and children achieve effective rehabilitation thanks to:

  • the dynamic participation of parents
  • the scientific qualifications of our physiotherapists
  • the collaboration of all the medical-therapy departments
  • our great love for the children

A harmonious therapist-child- parent relationship greatly promotes the continuous cooperation and education of parents who can follow instructions and also carry out the appropriate therapy at home.