Support through Communication

Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes an integral part of a company’s strategies, and it has many benefits for an organisation. People are very sensitive with respect to children with disabilities.  Helping ELEPAP effectively demonstrates your company's social awareness, sensitivity and responsibility.


One of the important ways in which a company can support the work of ELEPAP is to provide a way to communicate its message to a wider audience.


Ways in which a company can help communicate our work, indicatively include:

  • Communicating the ELEPAP Sponsor a Child program to their clients – essentially adopting the cause.
  • Urging clients to accept a small additional charge on top of each purchase that will go towards our Brave Kids
  • Choosing ELEPAP as a beneficiary organisation in the company’s promotional activities
  • Involvement of employees in supporting the ELEPAP causes – especially in conjunction with a contribution by the company to the same cause.

Such initiatives involve staff and play a decisive role in creating a good climate in the company, reinforcing employee satisfaction with the company and improving its results.

ELEPAP is grateful for every contribution, both large and small, that is offered us.

Some of the benefits that we offer our corporate sponsors are:

  • Regular broad ranging, high quality promotion in the media.
  • Inclusion in the ELEPAP Press Releases
  • On Banners placed at events, conferences, exhibitions
  • Banners on our internet website
  • Mentions in our electronic Newsletter, which is shared with all subscribers, friends and companies
  • Advertisement of our Sponsors on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Possibility to create a radio and television advertising spot with you
  • Use of the ELEPAP logo on behalf of your company in printed material, website, social media – in all your promotional material

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