Meet us

Our mission is to provide Lifelong Support and access to rehabilitation programs to all persons with disabilities and their families, regardless of financial, social or religious circumstances. Our aim is to help our Brave Kids and adults with disabilities to take small or big steps, to take “Life Steps”.

ELEPAP- Rehabilitation for The Disabled is the oldest non-profit charity organization in Greece providing rehabilitation services to children since 1937. It currently operates high-level facilities and has 6 branches throughout Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Ioannina, Volos and Agrinion).

The organization is open to infants, children and adults and provides therapeutic programs, education and medical care to them as well as support and counselling services to their families.

ELEPAP stands by the children and helps them develop their potential for social integration and access to the formal school system. It is quite remarkable that 50-60% of our children manage to achieve this.

All along this journey we make sure to be at the side of the children’s families every step of the way. We create a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and trust where anything is possible.