Supported Living Accommodation

We are very proud of the implementation of the Supported Living Houses in Ioannina, and we are happy that facilities are being created in Northern Greece, for the independent living of people with disabilities! The project has received the recognition and funding of the European Union! It allows adults with disabilities, as well as their families, to dream of a better future with security, employment, socialization and, above all, hope. One could say that a new page is coming back to life.


Supported Living Houses are the largest social welfare project in all of Northern Greece. Up to 35 people with disabilities will live in the Supported Living Houses, each in his own room with the support of specialized staff. The building complex includes seven ground floor houses of 220 sq.m. each, independent of each other, and a shared building of daily employment and entertainment according to the specifications of the relevant Ministerial Decision for the supported living.

Among other things, there are clinics, gyms, event halls, gardening, pottery, candle making workshops, where residents will learn to do a job (eg making bonbonnieres, candles, seasonal items, etc.), depending on their possibilities and interests. In addition, they will be trained in the development of self-service and daily life skills such as personal hygiene, space cleaning, cooking, etc.

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