Children’s Model Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Unit

Holistic Neuropsychology Rehabilitation includes a set of therapeutic interventions that have been designed to address the cognitive, functional, behavioural and emotional consequences of brain injuries.

The aim is for the child to:

  • develop its abilities to the maximum and to compensate for its difficulties
  • to become integrated in the school environment
  • to create and maintain friendships, so that in the future to be able to cope as a young adult

Holistic Neuropsychology Rehabilitation is open to children aged 5-16, who face difficulties when it comes to learning, adapting, behaviour, emotional control and socialization due to the conditions that affect how the brain functions, whether congenital (cerebral palsy, neurological and neurodevelopmental syndromes) or acquired (Traumatic brain injuries, Intracranial, Tumours, Cerebrovascular Disorders, Encephalitis, etc)

A prerequisite for participating in the program is to be able to communicate verbally (understand simple instructions and communicate basic needs) and the ability to maintain a minimum level of alertness.

Offered services

Our Expert Team:

ELEPAP Scientific Director, Maria Pyrgeli MSc, Ph.D., FEBPRM Physiatrist.

Christalena Kattami Ph.D., M. Ed, M.A. Rehabilitation Counselling Psychologist

Efthymia Barlou, M.D. Pediatric Psychiatrist

Evangelia Saleptsi Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist

Natalia Karra MSc Clinical Neuropsychologist

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