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Corporate Social Responsibility is now an integral part of business strategy, and its benefits to an organization are many.

Particularly for an issue such as child disability, consumers are highly aware and willing to evaluate positively, the social sensitivity, and responsibility that the company displays. It gives us great pleasure that many companies are aware of the needs of our Brave Children, recognize our work and support us in any way they can.

The companies that operate nationwide, have the option if they wish, to offer support to all or one of our 6 Branches. At ELEPAP, we are grateful for every big and small sponsorship offered to us.

Organizations that want to stand by us, financially supporting our Brave Children, have many support options:

  • Donation of financial amount
  • Sponsorship of building installation / equipment
  • Sponsorship of an ELEPAP event

Today more than ever, due to the current situation with the coronavirus, we need your help to supply the necessary sanitary materials (masks, gloves, uniforms, etc.) for our safe operation!

Our children need us and we must offer them the treatment programs they need!


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Some of the benefits that we offer our sponsors are:


  • Promotion of our Sponsors in relevant Press Releases and in ELEPAP’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Presence of your logo on our website www.elepap.gr
  • Reference in our digital newsletter which is sent to all subscribers, friends and companies.
  • Inclusion of your logo in Banners that we place in relevant events, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
  • Permission to create commercials by you that publicize your sponsorship. You can also use the ELEPAP logo in the press, your website and social media – in order to communicate your action.

Contact us at epikoinonia@elepap.gr or call us at 2107233860