“Aunt Lena” Kindergarden

The Mixed Day and Day Care Center – “Aunt Lena” Nursery was inaugurated on Friday, February 15, 2019. “Aunt Lena” is a pioneering facility for nursery age toddlers. It was specifically designed for the continuing needs for therapeutic and pre-school intervention of the Infants Center graduates and in order to span the important period from 2 to 4 years of age.

“Aunt Lena” offers a complete day program (8:00-15:00) which over and above the necessary therapies focuses on preparing pre-school toddlers for their future integration to the school system. It provides family counselling and education and in order to encourage family involvement in the pedagogical and therapeutic process.

The classes are staffed by special education teachers who promote cognitive development, strengthen the social-emotional skills and ensure the future integration in the pre-school environment through innovative experiential learning programs and play. In an interactive environment, the children assume the main role and develop their abilities and their potential.

The program includes:

  • Individualized and group education programs
  • Individual and intertherapeutic sessions
  • Music-kinetic education program
  • Sensory integration program
  • Functional physiotherapy group program
  • Speech therapy group program
  • Occupational therapy group program
  • Dog Therapy

The Center is a great project, a follow-up donation from ELEPAP’s Great Benefactor, the George Youroukos family who donated the ELEPAP Infants Center “Marietta Xanthou” in 2014.

ELEPAP’s Mixed Day and Day Care Center “Aunt Lena” is named after Dr. Helen N. Skouteli, Child Neurologist, Vice President and committed ELEPAP volunteer, who inspired its creation.

 “ELEPAP’s Mixed Day and Day Care Center was created because of the compelling need to extend the specialized therapeutic approach and the warm pre-school environment that is free of labels, dividing lines and taboos for two more years….Our goal is to see 50% of the infants we prepare ready to be integrated in the regular preschool environment at the age of four…” Dr. Helen N. Skouteli