Our mission is to provide Life Long Support from infancy to adulthood to all persons with disabilities and their families. Our objective is to help all adults with disabilities learn how to rely on themselves.

We carry out the following actions that aim to provide adults with disabilities with:

  • education
  • professional training and rehabilitation
  • independent and safe living

ELEPAP runs a Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Unit for Brain Injuries.  Acquired brain injuries comprise one of the main causes of mortality and disability in children and adults.  These are often accompanied by a plethora of symptoms, including:

  • Motor and sensory difficulties
  • Cognitive deficits
  • Changes in behaviour and emotions
  • Which make day-to-day functioning, independent living and social reintegration more difficult.

In order to facilitate the professional rehabilitation of adults with disabilities, we created Artemeis – a Social Cooperative Enterprise. The organisation aims to provide work and professional education to adults with disabilities.

Moreover since 2019, Supported Living Accommodation (SLA) has been operating in Ioannina offering a “home” to adults with disabilities, where they can receive the support and care they need.