Financial adoption program



All children should have the right to dream.

Help the Brave Children of ELEPAP to make small or big steps forward. What in ELEPAP we call "Steps of Life"!

ELEPAP's mission is to provide every child with access to its therapeutic and pedagogical programs. To all children, regardless of their economic, social or religious background.


The Brave Children of ELEPAP, with disabilities and developmental difficulties, face a difficult reality every day. They give their own fight, for a better quality of life, and they smile at us every day!

A company can fully undertake the coverage of the treatment programs of a Brave Child with a disability. In this way, it will help our children to make small or big steps forward. What in ELEPAP we call “Steps of Life”.

By adopting a Brave Child with a disability, the child will be able to carry out his treatments:

As an adopter, the company will be able to communicate with the adopted child, but with anonymity. He will receive communications with his news and progress.

Employees of a company can also adopt a child together, each offering a token amount per month

Some of the benefits that we offer our adoptors are:


  • Promotion of our Adoptors in relevant Press Releases and in ELEPAP’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Presence of your logo on our website
  • Reference in our digital Newsletter which is sent to all subscribers, friends and companies.
  • Inclusion of your logo in Banners that we place in relevant events, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
  • Permission to create commercials by you that publicize your adoption. You can also use the ELEPAP logo in the press, your website and social media – in order to communication your action.

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