Easter candles from ARTemeis


Godfather & Godmother while we all stay at home, ARTemeis will take care of your godchild!

This year Easter will have a different magic because the Easter candle will arrive with a message of love from you, as if you were there! A colourful gift, some magic … and lots of optimism!!!

You can make this gesture of love together! A simple purchase will support the persons with disability who work at ARTemeis and will send a message of solidarity and affection from you!

You choose the handmade Easter candle and the accompanying message that you wish to send to your godchild!

We will pack it carefully and send it safely directly to the child by courier. We can guarantee that it will arrive as soon as possible.

The ARTemeis Easter candles along with your message of love, travel all over Greece by courier!

A message of love to all, especially to those who need it most… for a happy and healthy Easter!!!


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