Opening of the new ELEPAP Chania model playground with the support of bwin!



On Tuesday, July 7 2020, bwin, our invaluable and longtime supporter, presented the “Brave Kids” of ELEPAP Chania with a refurbished Model Playground! We thank bwin from the bottom of our heart for this beautiful birthday present on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ELEPAP Chania!

After the opening of a similar model playground in Thessaloniki (in December) it was the turn of the beautiful town of Chania. With the strategic support of bwin a new, very important project was completed where ELEPAP’s “Brave Kids” will be able to use the swings and the slides safely. They will also be able to use the other specially adjusted instruments. Even children in wheelchair will be able to enjoy playing with other children unimpeded and without discrimination.

The ELEPAP Chania model playground will be open daily for 3 to 10-year-old children. Occupational therapists and specialists designed the playground and selected the equipment which is appropriate for the needs and preferences of every child at all times.

The President of ELEPAP Chania, Dr. Paraskevi Orfanoudaki, and bwin’s Director of Corporate Communication Ioanna Beriou cut the ribbon at a very emotional event.

The President of ELEPAP Chania Dr. Paraskevi Orfanoudaki said: “The year that ELEPAP Chania, the first charity association in Crete, celebrates 40 years of continuous and unfailing work with infants and children with disability and special skills, we receive a valuable gift from bwin: the completion of our playground. Through play and recreation children, educators and therapists can achieve pedagogical and therapeutic objectives as well as socialization of the participants, all very important for the children’s future development. Access to play is an important and inalienable right of every child. We thank bwin for their contribution and for supporting ELEPAP’s work especially during these financially difficult times.”

Mrs. Ioanna Beriou said: “Access to play is an inalienable right of every child. This year too we follow the same strategy and we are especially proud that our first important project outside Athens after the lockdown in the fight against Covid19, takes place in Chania. In this beautiful and picturesque town, in cooperation with ELEPAP’s technical team, we gave all our love so that the Brave Kids of ELEPAP can play with specially designed instruments. Working towards a future of equality, without discrimination, bwin will continue to support the work of Foundations and Agencies that share this objective”. 

The model playground will become a meeting point for the children of ELEPAP Chania who crave for spontaneous free play. Thank you.