Kotsovolos: Every gift becomes a great gesture of affection!


Heartfelt thanks to “Kotsovolos”, the company that is  supporting us once more with the “Technology without Obstacles” initiative!

With every gift wrapping purchased from Kotsovolos, you also make a double “gesture of affection”: you offer a gift to your loved ones and contribute towards a better life for our Brave Kids!

Kotsovolos is supporting us for the second consecutive year by facilitating the daily lives of people with disability and by providing the opportunity to those who so wish to contribute. The objective of the “Technology without Obstacles” initiative is to create conditions for people with disability to have equal access to technology. The access relates both to the physical and to the digital world of the company while at the same time the company promotes tech products that empower people with disability and allow them to lead a better life.

This is the purpose. It is an admirable initiative and we are very happy to receive your steady support! Let’s hope that with the help of our friends and supporters every gift will become a gesture of affection and that countless stories of a better life will be “written”!

This holiday season we send you a big hug from ourselves and from our Brave Kids. Our own small “gesture of affection”! Thank you.