Covid-19 testing at the ELEPAP Volos branch




In order to safeguard our Brave Kids' and our staff's health, Covid-19 tests are performed at our premises on a regular basis.

The ELEPAP Volos branch performs weekly tests for our staff in order to protect them from Covid19. This practice continued this year, always in cooperation with the University Hospital Lung Clinic.

Very warm thanks to the Lung Clinic of the Larissa University General Hospital and to Professor Gourgoulianis for their support. Our thanks also to PROGNOSIS BIOTECH S.A. for providing us with high quality Covid-19 Rapid Tests free of charge.

Their invaluable contribution helps us protect the health of all the ELEPAP Volos beneficiaries, keep our Brave Kids safe and make sure that they can attend the therapeutic and pedagogical programmes they need without problems.