Support from OPAP with the “Wish ornaments” initiative





Our warmest thanks to OPAP for actively supporting ELEPAP and our Brave Kids this Christmas with the “Wish ornaments” and the “OPAP Contribution Squad”.

The “Wish ornaments” initiative helped us deal with this year’s special circumstances and with the assistance of OPAP and of you all, we were able to make the wishes of our Brave Kids at all 6 ELEPAP branches come true.

Our children drew pictures of their wishes that all of you then lovingly realized.

The “OPAP Contribution Squad” realized our Brave Kids’ Christmas wishes but they did something else too: they collected points from the Squad’s activities. OPAP then turned the points into a generous donation of sanitary material (17.900 disposable gowns).

We thank OPAP from the bottom of our hearts for their great support of our Brave Kids who can continue to attend the treatments they so need.