ARTemeis: Handmade items for a Good Cause!





The Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) ARTemeis has taken off and so did its new e-shop so as to create more jobs for persons with disability!

Buy handmade objects for you and your loved ones! Unique pieces of jewellery made with semi-precious stones, original decorative objects, gifts for children as well as seasonal items and invitation cards, all for a good cause! Support ARTemeis, a “shop” that makes people feel alive and gives them a sense of dignity. A place where persons with disability can find a job!

ARTemeis is a dream come true for ELEPAP. Since 1937 ELEPAP provides therapeutic, pedagogical and medical programmes to children with disability. Although we all learned never to say “forever” when growing up, ELEPAP has kept its promise for the past 83 years: we stand by the children with disability throughout their life. That is why we created ARTemeis.

Of course, the very heart of ARTemeis are the people working there! From here they were able to take off, to do what they really like, to create! Every day they design and create with passion and affection! Unique decorative items using decoupage, overpainting and aging techniques, luxury pieces of jewelry with semi-precious stones, seasonal objects as well as elegant invitation cards and imaginative gifts for the guests at your wedding or your baby’s christening.

The “Collection” offers inspired, authentic designs of talented artists all dedicated to the children and adults with disabilities, all sending a message of love, a reaching out from the artists who met with our children and all our people.

You can also contribute, you can help our effort to stand by the persons with disability, to provide them with the opportunity to get a job, to socialize, to be useful, to get a real “opportunity”. An opportunity to live life.