New child sponsoring programme



Through ELEPAP’s new Child Sponsoring Programme you can support a Brave Kid with disability! Because all children should have the right to dream.

Since 1937 ELEPAP provides therapeutic, pedagogical and medical programmes to children with disability. It is our mission to offer access to ELEPAP’s programmes to every child, irrespective of their financial or social background!

Our Brave Kids deal with a difficult reality. They fight for a better quality of life yet they give us a smile every day!

With your help, the child that you sponsor will have the therapies it needs, will continue to attend the pedagogical programmes and will be able to reach its maximum potential.

By contributing any amount that you can afford on a monthly basis, our children can make even a little progress each day. This is what we call “Life Steps” in ELEPAP.

If you become a sponsor, we will keep you informed with news of your child. You will also be informed of your child’s progress in therapy and pedagogical programs! Our children contact their sponsors directly in any way they can. You will receive pictures, holiday cards and other symbolic gifts from your child. The sponsors form a “community of love”, a family for our Brave Kids.

You can help with less than 1€ per day.

Become the Sponsor of a Brave Kid with disability today.