Happy Easter!


This Easter we stay at home, we stand by the Brave Kids of ELEPAP

We wish a Happy Easter to everyone in ELEPAP, to the staff and their families, to our Brave Kids and their families, to our adults and our graduates.

With patience and strict adherence to the Government guidelines, we shall overcome this unexpected challenge too!

Even during the temporary suspension of its operation, ELEPAP continues to be the second, greater family for all its beneficiaries.

We stay at home, we stand by our Brave Kids, our Adults, our Graduates and their Families with the open telephone line: 210 7227758.

The trained therapists and educators of ELEPAP as well as the psychology service, the people you trust, are available to listen, to support and help you during this difficult time. With specially adjusted educational material, with useful advice and tips, they are there for you every day so that you can continue to support the ‘Life Steps’ of our children from home.

We must remain strong, persevere tirelessly and patiently in order to protect our health, so that we can meet again, in a few days, having successfully overcome this unexpected challenge.

Remember, you are not alone, we are all together, we stand united.

As we always say, ELEPAP’s God is with us!!!

We wish you a happy, healthy Easter.

Soon we all be together again.

Stay strong,

The Board of Directors of ELEPAP