“Become the reason”- Child Sponsoring Programme


As we spend more and more time looking at screens, we navigate social media almost mechanically, not paying much attention to anything in particular while everything feels more or less the same as time goes by. But what if something really worthwhile pops up?

In our new communication campaign, as we scroll down our screens, ELEPAP’s Brave Kids appear as “the bravest”, “the most beautiful” and “the most optimistic” sight of the day. This is absolutely true! For our children to remain brave, beautiful and optimistic and continue to progress, they must continue to receive their therapies!

You too can help one of ELEPAP’s children continue their therapeutic and pedagogical programmes through Child Sponsoring.

By selecting a monthly contribution of any amount, you can help our children make even a small step forward each day. This is what we call “Life Steps “in ELEPAP.

As a sponsor you will be kept up to date about your child’s news and progress. Our children also communicate with their sponsors in any way they can! You will receive drawings, holiday cards and various other token gifts from your child.

Become the reason why the child you sponsor manages to achieve its maximum potential!

Become the sponsor of a Brave Kid with disability today.

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