Cutting the New Year’s Cake at ELEPAP branches and New Year’s wishes






This year ELEPAP’s 6 branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Chania, Agrinion and Ioannina, cut the New Year’s cake in a manner completely new to the ELEPAP family. The ELEPAP Branch Presidents cut the cake keeping all the protection measures and sent optimistic, encouraging messages full of hope to ELEPAP staff and beneficiaries.

Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP Athens, said: “All of us united left 2020 behind us. It has been a very difficult year for ELEPAP and for the world.” She pointed out that thanks to the joint effort ELEPAP was able to deal with this huge challenge successfully by ensuring safe rehabilitation therapies to its beneficiaries, infants, children and adults with disability.

Mrs. Marianna Moschou wished for optimism, hope and faith in our future and the future of our children in 2021. Let this be the last time we send digital smiles and wishes to each other. The last time we weren’t all there to celebrate and make jokes while cutting the New Year’s cake.

Thank you for standing by the family of ELEPAP, thank you for your support. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a creative and safe 2021!