“Technology without Obstacles” at Kotsovolos stores





Heartfelt thanks to Kotsovolos, the company that makes it possible for people with disability to dream of a better future for themselves, a future with the same, equal access to technology and its advantages. The aim of ELEPAP is that every person with disability and their family should have Life Long support and that adults with disability should learn to be self-reliant.

With the help and experience of Despina and Irini who work at ELEPAP’s ARTemeis Social Coop, Kotsovolos was able to refurbish its first 10 stores and use means and ways of making them more friendly to persons with disability. It is its way of providing persons with disability better and easier access to technology and its advantages.

This is how Kotsovolos tries to ensure equal access to technology for everyone. For ELEPAP and for our Brave Kids this is a real promise of “Technology without Obstacles” in everyone’s daily life.

It is very important to us that “technology be accessible and without obstacles” to all and Kotsovolos has already made a start with its first stores thus offering a better future to all.

Congratulations for this admirable initiative! ELEPAP will stand firmly by you in this effort! Thank you very much!