ELEPAP is honoured by The Hellenic Initiative organization






The Hellenic Initiative organized the 5th annual London Gala. It is a great distinction for ELEPAP to be honoured for its work of many years. Part of the event’s revenue will be offered to ELEPAP in support of the continuation of our work and of our Brave Kids.

This is an important international recognition of ELEPAP’s work of more than 84 years. ELEPAP aim is to provide the Brave Kids and the adults with disability the help that they need in order to take small or great steps forward, “Life Steps”.

Heartfelt thanks to The Hellenic Initiative for the recognition of our work and for their support. It encourages us to continue to support every person with disability with  Life Long Support and access to rehabilitation programs.

With the support of The Hellenic Initiative, 22 families with financial difficulties, from the ELEPAP Branch in Athens, will be supported for one year, through the Family Support Program, which aims to ensure a decent daily life through the offer of items first aid.

ELEPAP President Dr. Eleni Skouteli and Vice-President Mrs. Marianna Moschou attended the event.