ELEPAP received the European Citizen’s Prize 2021 at a ceremony in Brussels






ELEPAP was honoured with the 2021 European Citizen’s prize. The prize recognizes ELEPAP’s work and long-standing contribution to society for more than 84 years. ELEPAP was nominated for this well-deserved distinction by Mr. Dimitris Papadimoulis, the Greek Vice President of the European Parliament.

The prize was received by ELEPAP President, Dr. Eleni Skouteli and by the First Vice President, Mrs. Marianna Moschou.

In an emotional speech to the European Parliament in Brussels, Vice President Marianna Moschou presented ELEPAP, its long and valuable assistance to children and adults with disabilities that is made possible thanks to the support of the ELEPAP family and spoke of the honour of receiving the European Parliament’s 2021 European Citizen’s prize.

Every year the Prize awarded by the European Parliament, recognises persons, associations or organizations that promote the common values of the European Union.

In her speech, Mrs. Marianna Moschou said:

“It is a daily struggle for all of us to continue the vision of ELEPAP for Life Steps forward, for integration opportunities and for social awareness which will ensure a better future for children and adults with disabilities in Greece. Today we are facing a constant increase in the demand of our services from families who are facing multiple hardships and need our assistance.

Priceless reward for us is a smile, happiness depicted in the eyes of our children, the small achievement of everyday goals like a touch, a word, a step and life accomplishments like university graduation, getting an athletic award, living independently. ELEPAP children and adults offer every day to all of us and the general public life examples of stamina, hard work and determination. They keep going regardless of the adversities, adding a small piece in social awareness and acceptance.

The members of the Board, the staff, the volunteers, all together we are the family of ELEPAP. All together we stand by our children that give an admirable daily struggle to develop their life steps.

For 84 years at ELEPAP we have a common way of life, we see light at the end of the tunnel. The light is our children and the Life Steps they make forward. We feel it is our obligation to continue the legacy of ELEPAP and in this endeavor we need the support of all the devoted friends of ELEPAP.”

Mrs. Marianna Moschou expressed special thanks to the evaluation committee for the honorable selection of ELEPAP as well as to Mr. Dimitris Papadimoulis, Vice President of the European Parliament: “The European Citizens Prize fills us with even more determination to bring one more smile, one more step, one more life closer to happiness.”

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for the valuable and sustained support you give to ELEPAP and to our Brave Kids with disabilities. Our aim is to continue to be here, by our children, to give them even more love and more therapies that will help them conquer a better future!

You can watch Mrs. Marianna Moschou’s address at the award ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels by clicking on the following video: