Our New Site!!!


We are very pleased to present our new site! (and we hope you like it!)

With almost 83 years of history and 100,000 children who have received help at our 6 branches in the whole of Greece, it was a challenge to include everything we have done and continue to do on a website! We consider, however, that we have almost made it and to a certain degree we managed to give ourselves a “makeover” at the same time! Specifically:

We photographed the entire organization all over again! All our therapeutic, educational, medical programs, existing and new premises were photographed by the exceptionally talented Demi Karatzaferi, who is very knowledgeable in matters that concern us.  As you will see, the photographs, especially of our children at play or in treatment, do not simply reflect reality. They are produced by somebody who has a special outlook – that of love.

We have tried to make our site user-friendly and streamlined its structure in order to make it easier to visit. As you will see, visitors can easily browse the various sections and find what they are interested in.  All categories that they may want to visit are located in the main Menu above, as well as in sections – photographs at the site’s Home Page. This way information is easy to assimilate, as well as interactive!

On our home page you can also find ways to support our Brave Kids with disabilities and their “Life Steps”. Besides the choice of making a donation, those who want to can also sponsor a child.  This would contribute to a Brave Kid continuing the treatment they need to see progress - even a small amount goes a long way. Learn more about our Sponsor a Child Program here.

For our beloved volunteers: there is now a page dedicated to you and in searching for other People like you. There are many ways that you can contribute, of course, by making hand crafted items and wedding and christening souvenirs; participating in our events; helping out at our many Bazaars: all help is welcome! You can also fill out and send the form so that you can become a member of the ELEPAP family.

Before you leave, look at the “Testimonials” on our home page. These are real stories from people who live next door to us. They are sometimes difficult to bear, but are so full of hope, that you will read on with a smile.